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Sun 28 May 2017
Optimizing TensorFlow for your laptop
Sat 06 June 2015
Interview with a Data Scientist
Sat 21 February 2015
Kale: timeseries data mining at Etsy
Sun 12 October 2014
You sure don’t look like a scientist
Mon 16 June 2014
The unwisdom of the crowd: marketing, metrics & machine learning
Wed 04 June 2014
All your Bayes are belong to us! PyMC, PyStan and emcee in Snake Charmer
Wed 04 June 2014
Lyric clouds, genre maps and distinctive words
Wed 04 June 2014
Snake Charmer: the all-in-one data science toolbox for Python 3
Tue 03 June 2014
Lies, Damned Lies and Dataviz
Mon 02 June 2014

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